‘Cured of AIDS? Not Yet

‘Cured of AIDS? Not Yet

What to make of all the recent “cured of AIDS” headlines…A good article in the New York Times..


A resource for information and education

Over the past couple of years we have seen an increase not only in the number of adoptive families coming to our program for their children’s care but also several families that are showing interest in adopting HIV positive children.   In meeting with these families we have found that they have many questions leading up to and after they have made their decision to adopt.  We have used this as an opportunity to prepare families for what to expect, educate them about HIV, ensure that they know what their insurance and medication costs will be and discussing the ongoing issue of how they have decided to disclose a diagnosis that continues to carry a lot of social stigma even in children.

In providing resources to these families, we have searched for helpful and appropriate information to help them in this wonderful and important job that they are taking on.  This has involved a great number of referrals and recommendations from experienced families that already have positive children in their care.